A measure of service quality for retail stores scale development and validation dabholkar

Journal of Retailing, 70 2: Ten of the 25 respondents reported having negative shopping experiences at retail stores.

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In addition, existing customers tend to spend more money than new customers do The t-scores ranged from 5. Product range must be increased in the store in order to attract more and more customers in the stores. Using Aggregate Customer Satisfaction Index: Ambience of the store International Journal of Management and Strategy http: In this paper for determining service quality of retail store we have considered the following five dimensions: The loyalty effect, Harvard Business School Press.

According to the positioning chosen, a firm will give more emphasis either to the hedonic value or to the utilitarian value, and therefore will act on the most relevant characteristics of the outlet that our study underlined.

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A critical examination and theoretical extension. More importantly there appears no research to indicate which of the various scales in these measures relates most powerfully to the overall satisfaction of the customer Further there is little evidence that the scales retain their properties when translated into different languages.

Practitioners want questions which are very short clear and easy for customers to complete and yet measure the dimensions they are really interested in.

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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 16, Almost by definition, the archetypal residents and businesses do not seek, let alone conform to, topdown planning and marketing, and are likely to be highly sceptical of it — somewhat ironical or paradoxical given the number of marketing and public relations companies located there.

In the area of retail market, only few researches Finn and LambDabholkar et al. The measurement of satisfaction also encompasses expectations of quality of a product or service. In Table 1, the relative strength of the individual predicators was presented. Because customers have a tendency to perceive unavailability if not get their desired product even once in the stores.

As seen in the figures, each model showed the differences in factor loadings and 5-dimensional structure of service quality. Journal of Marketing, 60 April At the same time, consumer markets are becoming more sharply segmented than ever before.

Journal of Marketing, 58, Despite its practical and theoretical importance in customer loyalty, empirical research on the antecedents of customer loyalty and their relative importance to predict loyalty in the health and fitness club context has been lacking, especially for women-only clubs.

Revista Internacional de Ciencias del Deporte, ; 4 1: We ascertained the reliability of the items of each dimension by computing the Chronbach alpha, and the score was 0. This study enhances the discussion on the phenomenon of private branding by analysing the store-level factors which underpin the formation of private brand image in the context of less developed European markets.

Most of the customers found complaining about air condition and less effective ambience the stores. Recently, the sports management service focuses on the client. Total Quality Management, 11, ISO - Stores and Fashion Consumption: A Means-End Chain Analysis of Quality, in Perceived Quality (pp 9 14) Lexington, MA: Lexington Books Hummel, & Savitt () Integrated Customer Service and Retail Strategy International Journal of Retailing, 3(2), 1 Kitapci, O., Dortyol, I T., Yaman, Z., & Gulmez, M () The paths from service quality.

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In light of this, the present study lightens how service quality affects customer retention in organized retail sector. A total of completed questionnaires obtained from the active mall shoppers were used for statistical analysis.


Dabholkar PA, Thorpe DI, Rentz JO () A measure of service quality for retail stores: Scale development and validation.

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science –16 Google Scholar 6. Service quality has different dimensions regarding the various service sectors (Pollack, ) Nevertheless, service quality measurement enables managers to recognize quality problems and enhance the efficiency and quality of services to exceed expectations and reach customer satisfaction.

A measure of service quality for retail stores: scale development and validation, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Gale, T.,B. (). The role of marketing in total quality. A measure of service quality for retail stores: scale development and validation.

J Aca Market Sci ;24(1) Hulshof C, Verbeek J, Van Dijk F, van der Weide WE, Braam I.

Customer Perceptions of Service Quality Towards Luxury

Evaluation research in occupational health services: general principles and a systematic review of empirical studies.

A measure of service quality for retail stores scale development and validation dabholkar
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